Bay Park Homeowners Association   


The following are downloadable PDF files of BPHOA 
Declarations and ARB Criteria Amendments 
for your information: 
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BPHOA Declarations and ARB Criteria (6.4 MB)

2011 ARB Criteria Amendments (3.9 MB)

1997 ARB Criteria Amendments (.3 MB)

1994 ARB Criteria Amendments (.3 MB)

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Let's keep the lights on in Bay Park.
They help deter crime and make this a safer community.

If a street light in your area is out or is not 
working properly, go to the web site below and fill
out the form to request a repair from Progress Energy.


Please be courteous to others and keep your pets safe.  

Bay Park Restrictive Covenants Article X, Sec. 1 (d)

"No dogs, cats or other permitted pets...will be allowed to run loose on The Properties (Bay Park).  All dogs, cats, and other permitted pets must be kept inside the Living Unit, on a leash, or within a fenced area."  Residents of Bay Park must abide by our covenants and restrictions or be subject to punitive action, including fines.

Orange County ordinances must also be followed.  Specifically, they require all dogs and cats to have current vaccinations and have their county tags visible when not on the pet owner's property. 

Keep your pet indoors, penned in, or on a leash and make sure they have their shots and tags. Do not allow your pet to "make a mess" on your neighbor's lawn or any common area of Bay Park.  When they do, clean it up!  Also, prevent your dog from barking incessantly.  If you're considering a fence to contain your pet, you must apply to the Bay Park Architectural Review Board (ARB) first! Click Here for the ARB form.

Let's all cooperate to keep Bay Park a community we can all enjoy.


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